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Logan Talbot

Senior Software Engineer


Highly technical and delivery focused senior software engineer with a driven to achieve and exceed goals and targets. He has strong credentials in the delivery of highly complex cloud based solutions which was developed mainly in the Azure and .NET Stack. Logan has the key skills to lead the implementation of your software and provided servicers such as solution architecture, application development, and also creating Azure infrastructure that fellows your DevOps requirements. He has strong interest in cutting edge technologies and services to ensure that he provides you an implementation that is secure, furture proof, and of course, meets your requirements.

Work Experiences

Senior Software Engineer

Capgemini | 2021 - Present


  • Leading the implementation of full stack applications (including DevOps).
  • Architecting secure cloud based solutions on Azure.
  • Managing junior to middle level software engineers.
  • Leading internal initiatives to help develop and improve the business unit. For example, leading of training initiative which aims to increase certification and training.
  • Interviewing engineers of all levels for Azure and .NET engineering roles.

Software Engineer

Capgemini | 2017 - 2021


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Junior Software Engineer

Amey | 2015 - 2016

.NET service and JavaScript frontend development.


Expert Certications

  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • DevOps Engineer Expert

Associate Certications

  • Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate

Fundamentals Certications

  • Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Azure Fundamentals


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