Powering homes with a greenfield utility system

Senior developer, building Azure backend services for aiding the in adoption of smart metering systems.

Alternative Home Area Network Company

  • Industry: Utility
  • Size: 100+
  • Year: 2020 - 2020
Unique entity, a regulated co-operative of the UK’s energy suppliers, created specifically to address this problem; to design and manufacture a range-extending “alternative home area network” solution capable of connecting the devices required for residents to enjoy the full smart metering experience.

Capgemini Client, identifiable client information has been remove to follow company policy.

Project Overview

Logan was involved in a large project to develop complex systems, to benefit companies in the Utility industry and their customers. The project was to aid in the creation of a home area network that wirelessly connects devices in the home or business to a Smart Metering System. Current standard smart meters have range limitations and some premises cannot be connected. This means that without further action some types of premises will not be able to connect to Smart Metering services, which is where this project is part of the overall solution.

On this project Logan was part of the “Integration Team” where he and his team members successfully and quickly develop and deliver complex services, to integrate with backend systems (CE, FinOps, Database) and provide API management services for multiple third parties in a safe and secure way.

Technical role requirements, Logan was required to:

  • Build CI/CD pipelines which were fully ARM templates and redeploy-able infrastructure.
  • Integrate Azure Functions and Logic apps into Financial systems, CRM system and database.
  • Provide API management services to allow third parties and internal stakeholders to access key system information.
  • Produce complex JSON Schemas of the API requests and responses.
  • Create secure and optimized SQL databases.

In terms of non-technical role requirements, Logan was required to:

  • Be a key member of SCRUM team of between 6 and 10 developers, testers, and Business Analysis.
  • Discuss, work with, debate, and relay, information, and decisions to other project teams and related stakeholders.
  • Present and demo the teams sprint work to more than 90 people which contained senior members of the client and Capgemini.
  • Teach and demo the system to other members of the SCRUM team and provide support when needed.
  • Put in extra time at the weekend and evening to ensure the sprint objectives are complete. This totals over 125 hours of extra work completed, over the time Logan was on this project.
With Logan and the team’s efforts the integration services were delivered to a very high standard and were ready to move to the next phase of the project on time.

Technologies Used:
Azure, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure APIM, Azure SQL Database, Azure DevOps, Azure Blog Storage, SharePoint, GIT, C#, .NET Core, PowerShell, ARM, JSON Schema.

Client Testimonial

Logan was brought on as a Senior Developer in late September 2021 due to his extensive knowledge in Azure services and .NET development. Over the last year, Logan has continuously delivered and greatly exceeded expectations. For most of his time at ALD Automotive, Logan was the Lead Developer for a new business critical car electric project that aimed to streamline the complex process of pricing from internal teams based all over the world to our original equipment manufacturers (e.g. Tesla, Ford, Polestar). With Logan leading the development of the project, his role required him to:
  • Lead a team of 4 developers.
  • Architect and design the application services, database as well as supporting Azure infrastructure.
  • Ensure excellent coding standards and practices.
  • Ensure quality of implementation through automated and rigorous testing.
  • Full CI/ CD pipelines implemented in Azure DevOps.
In addition to this, Logan was an integral part in the trust and control upgrade which required lifting and shifting our existing 50+ services to a new Azure and Azure Kubernetes Services environment. This enhanced our security, modernised our infrastructure and ensured we had full CI/ CD pipelines implemented in Azure DevOps. I would strongly recommend Logan to anyone who requires a Senior Azure and/or .NET Engineer.
Programme Manager, Reports to Group CIO

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