Enabling decarbonised heating future in the UK

Leading the creation of a £400 million grant system with 15 plus person development team.

National Government Regulator

  • Industry: National Government
  • Size: 1,200+
  • Year: 2022 - 2023
Large National government regulator in the UK.

Capgemini Client, identifiable client information has been remove to follow company policy.

Project Overview

Logan has been working at National Regulatory Authority for 18 months, leading a hybrid team of over 15 employees from the client and Capgemini for a key government project. This key government project aims to contribute to decarbonizing heating in the UK, allowing homeowners to obtain a grant for heating their home with a green heating solution and access their share of the £540 million grant. Logan's leadership in developing technical systems for the project resulted in producing multiple GDS Public Beta services, enabling Ofgem to provide access to the scheme for over 1200 installers. The scheme allowed at least 14,000 applications to be created, with at least 9000 property owners obtaining their share, totalling over £45 million in the first 8 months.

Logan's leadership and technical expertise on the project were recognized by his team members and senior leaders at Capgemini and also the client. Despite encountering several difficulties, Logan was able to turn the situation around by excelling as a Team Lead, Technical Lead, and Architectural Champion. His pragmatic and adaptable leadership style contributed significantly to the project's success and resulted in an engagement of £2.5 million with a 40% contribution margin for Capgemini. Logan's contributions to the project were praised by Cal Haigney, Vice President and Dave Gibson, Delivery Directory, CCA, who stated that Logan has gone "above and beyond" on the Ofgem assignment and that Logan’s "teams’ efforts over 18 months contributed to the delivery of new client policy supporting the UK's environmental targets." Logan has been personally praised by his client leadership on by “excelling as a Team Lead, a Technical Lead, and an Architectural Champion” and “always leads from the front.”

Technology Overview

Cloud Services Used:
Azure Kubernetes Service, Key Vault, Application Insights, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure App Configuration Service, Azure Active Directory including Azure AD B2C, App registrations, Managed Identities, Azure Service Bus, Azure Functions

Development stack Used:
C#, .NET 6, Docker, SQL, GIT/ Gitflow, ASP.net Web APIs, ASP.net Razor Pages, EF Core (code first), HTML, CSS, GDS (Gov.uk) styling, Azure DevOps (Repos, YAML Pipelines, Boards), Sonar Cloud, Trivy, OWASP dependency check

Testing Types Used:
Unit testing, Integration testing, Automation testing, Manual/Functional testing, Accessibility testing, Performance testing, PEN/Security testing

Agile methodology Used:
C#, .NET 6, Selenium 4, SpecFlow, NUnit, Browserstack, Mailosaur, SQL, SonarCube, Postman, JMeter, JAWS (accessibility testing)

Testing stack Used:
SUN Payment Systems, Gov.Notify and OS Places

Agile methodology Used:

Project Details

Since the start of Q4 2021, Capgemini has been a government regulator’s key delivery partner to key government project. This project was brought on by the UK Government’s need to contribute to decarbonising heating in the UK and meeting interim carbon reduction targets to net zero by 2050. One method is to maintain the low carbon heat market and supply chains in preparation for the mass rollout of low carbon heating technology, following regulatory interventions. Thus, resulting in a scheme to offer homeowners in England and Wales a £5000 to £6000 grant for adopting low carbon heating technology in their homes. The total cost of the scheme is around £450 million over the next 3 years.

The client has been assigned as the administrator for the grant which involves new processes and systems to be put in place in order for the scheme to be delivered successfully. At least 10 Capgemini resources have been integrated into the project team to lead in the design and implementation of the solution. These resources were a Solution/ Technical Lead, a Test Lead, a SCRUM Master, a release manager, Business Analysts (BA), Developers, Automation Testers and Solution Architects.

This project is extremely visible from a UK Government point of view and is overseen directly by senior government ministers.

Capgemini is a key delivery partner to the project from November 2021 until June 2023, where they delivered to the end user throughout this time to client’s current highly regulated standards and ways of working. The delivery of the scheme was done under strict deadlines using a hybrid agile development team(s) of client and Capgemini employees with four major releases:

  • Starting in Q4 2021 with the Alpha phrase, a smaller team produced UI designs and technical proof of concepts which was quickly passed and moved on to the Beta phase of the project.
  • First Major Release (January to June 2022) of the Beta phase we increased in size to deliver email automations and an internal portal which will allow operations uses to create and edit business accounts (installers) and Applications in a user-friendly way. The project team also produced an external portal for property owners to consent to applications made by installers following GDS standards.
  • Second Major Release (June to December 2022) was the creation of the external portal for installers to allow them to log in, create, view and search applications without operations’ staff input. For the internal users, we provided additional functionality to automate and process administration tasks around installers and applications. This phase of development resulted in the successful completion of the Government Digital Service (GDS) Assessment for the Beta phase for both of our external facing portals.
  • Third Major Release (January to June 2023) which is currently ongoing. We are aiming automate payments to installers, implement voucher application redemptions for installer, and implement further changes which ultimately reduce overhead of tasks that operations staff need to perform.

With each release, the project team reduced manual tasks and increased automations allowing client staff and installers an easier path to providing property owners a grant for their new green heating solution. It ultimately proved an effecient cost-effective scheme for the tax payer. Due to the project teams efforts, they have enabled the government regulator to provide access to the scheme for over 1200 installers, resulting in at least 14,000 applications created, and in excess of 9000 property owners paid out (over £45 million) in the first 8 months of the scheme.

The project team is transitioning from producing new features to maintaining the scheme and reducing the Capgemini contractors to the complete client support team post June 2023. Capgemini contractors are ensuring that the remaining team members are upskilled to perform the required changes in all areas of the application.

Technical Landscape of the project is a cloud focused environment in Azure and .NET technologies using a large number of tools & PaaS services. The project team introduced new Azure services to the client including Azure App Configuration Service, Azure Functions Apps and Azure Service Bus as well as aiding Digital Services with any desirable design and DevOps related tasks.

Throughout the process of the project, the project team continued to work very closely with different areas of the client’s organisation including; Digital Services (Infrastructure/ Data/ DevOps/ Security), Change Management, and other key teams (Operations, Audit, Complicate, Payments, etc). Project team ensured to follow the client’s architectural and security principles as well as the guidance that was strictly approved by the client’s Technical Design Authority (TBA).

Capgemini successfully partnered with a UK government regulator to deliver a project aimed at reducing carbon emissions and providing grants to homeowners for low carbon heating technology. The project was delivered on time and to the client's highly regulated standards, with four major releases. The team introduced new Azure services to the client and worked closely with different areas of the organization while following architectural and security principles. The scheme has provided access to over 1200 installers, resulting in over 14,000 applications and £45 million paid out in the first 8 months.

Client Testimonials

As a Delivery Manager at [client], I have worked with Logan on the [project name] Programme since July 2022 and, from the perspective of Delivery Management, I have nothing but high praise for Logan as he was instrumental in helping to turn a dysfunctional programme into a success story.

When I joined the programme, the development squad's morale was low, the squad's Ways-of-Working was bloated, and the delivery cadence was slow. Logan has helped turn this situation around by exceling as a Team Lead, a Technical Lead, and an Architectural Champion.

Team Leadership
By consistently providing examples the team can model, Logan has created a team that is supportive, engaged and confident. Logan goes to great lengths to support each member of the team, helping them to quickly address both technical and none technical issues. He also acts as a champion for each team member by visibly escalating and pursuing resolutions to issues that impeding the progress their work.

Technical Leadership
As a result of Logan's technical guidance and instruction, the development squad he leads has been able to create a product that has required little to no technical re-work. Logan has established himself as the go-to person on technical matters on the programme. The breadth and depth of Logan's technical knowledge has proved invaluable not only to the development squad he leads but also to the other development squad within the programme, [client]'s software engineering function, and other projects within Digital Delivery Portfolio.

Architectural Champion
As a result of Logan's campaigning and negotiating efforts the [project] Programme has been able to adopt an architectural approach has reduced the technical overhead associated this the product. On multiple occasions, Logan stepped up and acted as a solution architect and successfully persuaded [client]’s TDA to authorise architectural changes that made better use of the features available in the Azure platform.

In terms of opportunities for improvement, within the context of the role Logan has been asked to perform it is difficult to make any suggestions given the fact Logan's impact has been significant and he always leads from the front, is pragmatic, and adaptable.

Senior Delivery Manager, Client

Logan joined the [project] team in January 2022 as the [project] scheme was moving from the alpha phase into beta, due to junior resource on the team and a lack of architecture support at the point that he joined the technical maturity was not at the level typical for leaving alpha. As a result of this the first few weeks when Logan joined the team were intense as Logan needed to support the set-up of the infrastructure and high-level technical design to deliver the product.

Logan was involved in the early design and supporting the scrum master to estimate the work needed to deliver the outcome, Logan was pragmatic working with the information that he had available to provide high level indicative estimates. It very quickly became evident that the timelines to deliver would not be within the original estimates and Logan supported the scrum master with information on the complexity and proposed solution to support the position.

As the technical lead on the delivery Logan has been the point person for the technical team, supporting the developers with guidance and best practice on how to deliver the technical solutions to the problems that are presented. Logan has communicated well with our digital services team regularly attending their stand-up and escalating any issues that may arise.

The [project] team has over the last couple months matured with the team moving into two SCRUM teams with a blend of people from different places and Logan has supported this with a one team approach supporting the voucher application team to work as a unit. There have been challenges within the team and Logan has provided updates and reached out to share challenges, escalate and propose solutions where appropriate. With the move to two teams this did provide more technical complexity and Logan has worked well with our other technical lead to align and support the delivery.

The success of the BUS scheme with major releases of features in May 2022 and Nov 2022 which have been well received by installers and [client stakeholders] has been dependant on the team pulling together and Logan has been key to this, leading the developers in his team and supporting the wider team.

Senior Programme Manager, Client

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