Driving Innovation for Automotive client

Lead developer, leading a team of 4 to 6 engineers on critical pricing automation project

Full Service Leasing & Fleet Management Company

  • Industry: Automotive & Finance
  • Size: 6,500+
  • Year: 2020 - 2021
Leading vehicle leasing operation in Europe managing over 1.51 million vehicles across 43 countries worldwide.

Capgemini Client, identifiable client information has been remove to follow company policy.

Project Overview

Logan has have been on a Capgemini Financial Services project for the last year as a Senior Developer, working for a large client in the automotive and finance industry. He has been working in a central team that produces cloud solutions that are used by over 20 countries. These solutions also integrate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) such as Tesla, Ford, Polestar, Lynk & co, etc. To put this into context, if you are intending to lease an electric car from any of the OEMs mentioned in one of the 20+ countries, you have most likely used services that he has been a critical part of.

To support the growth of the account, Logan have been interviewing potential UK-based employees for Financial Services, which would be then utilised for the ALD Automotive account. In addition to this, he has used Capgemini’s right shore talent. Ensuring that we have fully utilised resources that are trained and productive in developing client systems.

Logan working as a Lead Developer on pricing-related projects. I have architected solutions and I am currently implementing complex systems to allow ALD country teams to process pricing data to OEMs. I am also currently leading the implementation, which has 4 to 6 developers that work across the database, services, and front end. I then assign PBIs, manage their workload, and direct developers on how they should implement a given task. I subsequently review their code to ensure that it follows ALD’s coding standards, best practices, and testing requirements.

Another project that I have been critical to is the successful lift and shifting of existing services to a new environment that utilised Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and other modern Azure services.

As you can see over the last year, I have been given a highly complex and stretched role where I have truly shown I have succeeded and thrived as a Senior Developer and development lead on projects within ALD Automotive Account. Please see the glowing client feedback from Richard who is the Programme Manager for the client who is second to CIO .

Technology Overview

Cloud Services Used:
Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service, Blob Storage, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, Azure DevOps

Service Architecture Used:

Agile methodology Used:

Development Technologies Used:
.NET 6, C#, SQL, ASP.NET Core, Docker

Client Testimonial

Logan was brought on as a Senior Developer in late September 2021 due to his extensive knowledge in Azure services and .NET development. Over the last year, Logan has continuously delivered and greatly exceeded expectations. For most of his time at [Clien Name], Logan was the Lead Developer for a new business critical car electric project that aimed to streamline the complex process of pricing from internal teams based all over the world to our original equipment manufacturers (e.g. Tesla, Ford, Polestar). With Logan leading the development of the project, his role required him to:
  • Lead a team of 4 developers.
  • Architect and design the application services, database as well as supporting Azure infrastructure.
  • Ensure excellent coding standards and practices.
  • Ensure quality of implementation through automated and rigorous testing.
  • Full CI/ CD pipelines implemented in Azure DevOps.
In addition to this, Logan was an integral part in the trust and control upgrade which required lifting and shifting our existing 50+ services to a new Azure and Azure Kubernetes Services environment. This enhanced our security, modernised our infrastructure and ensured we had full CI/ CD pipelines implemented in Azure DevOps. I would strongly recommend Logan to anyone who requires a Senior Azure and/or .NET Engineer.
Programme Manager, Reports to Group CIO

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